Friday, 14 August 2009

More Blur shows outside the UK?

Graham has declared there is a possibility of playing more Blur gigs in the future. "We're talking about doing some more shows abroad... I'm not sure how much I can say about that, but we're definitely talking about it," he told XFM.

After Damon Albarn straight statements to the BBC about the end of Blur when they've just finished their reunion tour this summer, now we are astonished. "I just can't do Blur anymore", he said.

I want to belive Graham's version... And as one of his song goes on: Keep hope alive.

Here you can listen to the full interview (unfontunately only if you're in the UK):

Sunday, 9 August 2009

iTunes Festival, Graham live at the Camden Roundhouse, London 23-07-09

With a full of magic acoustic show at the mythical Camden Roudhouse theatre, Graham has closed by now his promotional tour for The spinning top.


01. Look into the light
02. This house
03. In the morning
04. If you want me
05. Perfect love
06. Brave the storm
07. Dead bees
08. Sorrow's army
09. Caspian sea
10. Home
11. Humble man
12. Feel alright
13. Tripping over
14. November


15. Babe, it ain't no lie (Davy Graham cover)

The evil oysters

I’m opening this blog talking about oysters. Yes, that ones who sent Coxon to the hospital due to poisoning and nearly spoiled Blur’s last show of their summer tour. They were to play at T in the Park festival in Glasgow, on Sunday 12th of july.

Fortunately it was just a scare. Like a super hero, our guitarist left hospital a few hours before the show and in spite of cancellation rumours, he managed to go on stage. I still can’t understand how a person who have just suffered from a heavy stomachache caused by food poisoning is capable to bear a two-hour show without losing heart.

It is not clear whether it was an excess or it was that oysters were in a bad state. The more we know is what he typed on his Twitter: oysters and mackeral at the fishers, lieth. super place!! And then the complainings: oh god that wasn't nice. No it wasn’t nice at all… I’m sure he will never ever taste oysters again. Meanwhile, Blur drummer Dave Rowntree (then I discovered he also has got a Twitter) declared: On the way to the last gig of the tour - and it nearly didn't happen. Yes, but don’t worry Dave! Graham is a super-man.

The funniest thing has been the good sense of humour that you could feel in his official web’s forum, from many fans there. They set the following as a subtitle in it:

Oyster free zone

I think I can figure out Graham’s face when seeing that, if he dares to enter his forum from time to time to check out what’s going on. Fantastic :P

You know.
Be careful with seafood!