Saturday, 31 October 2009

Uncut interview

Thanks to Panny from Graham's Uk forums, here is the complete scan of this interview from Uncut magazine october 2009 issue.

By the way... Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Mark Lamarr's radio show

Next october 30 Graham will be playing music from The spinning top at BBC 2 Mark Lamarr's show. Stay tuned :)

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Graham's tweets

This week's topic is about a kind of Graham's anti-twitter (does this word exist in english?). I've got the pleasure of finding this:

A twitter supposedly created just for fun. It is mainly focused on analizing Graham's writing style and also the riddles derived from some of his cryptic tweets on his official twitter. Simply hilarious :D

One of my favourite tweets...

tek /tayk/ (verb): a derivative of 'to take.' "behave tonight or i'll tek me slipper off to ya!"

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Mountain of regret

This is one of my favourite Graham songs ever and I'd like to share this video with all of you who read The Kiss of morning, specially the spanish speakers. Isn't it a nice song? Enjoy it!

All my lifetime I've done wrong
Never thinking I belonged
And my problems stay with me
'Cause my thoughts lie with she

She was my girlfriend though I was mean
Always there in my hour of need
I took for granted her gentleness
And have to live without her sweet caress

And as I light me a cigarette
My heart is falling in my breast
And as I lie me down to rest
There's a mountain of regret

I turned my back on her true love
All my friends and the Lord above
And my drinking dragged me down
To the bars in cabbage town

And as I light me a cigarette
My heart is falling in my breast
And as I lie me down to rest
There's a mountain of regret

And as I sit here feeling low
Wondering why she had to go
I know, I see through my disgrace
The perfect beauty of her face

And as I light me a cigarette
My heart is falling in my breast
And as I lie me down to rest
There's a mountain of regret

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Monday, 5 October 2009

French Tour

Today Graham ends up his french tour in Paris. Gigs are as follows:

Toulouse, 2nd Oct - Supporting Pete Doherty, with an acoustic solo slot.

Perpignan, 3rd Oct La casa musicale - Supporting Pete Doherty, with an acoustic solo slot.

Paris, 5th Oct Le Zenith - Supporting Pete Doherty, with full band (Graham, Gareth, Lucy and Jen).

Here are some great videos...

From Perpignan show

Baby you're out of your mind

Sorrow's army

Sunday, 4 October 2009

There will be no more Blur for now

Graham declared in an interview for NME that there will be no more Blur for now.

Graham on MTV Gonzo show last 22nd of September

Talking a little about Blur, The spinning top and its english folky influences.

All right, Graham Folkson!

New single has been released on september 28th

Dead bees is the 3rd single taken from The spinning top.

Double a-side single Brave The Storm/Dead Bees is available to download only when you buy an unique numbered Graham Coxon art print.

You can order at:

New UK live dates this autumn

The Graham Coxon power acoustic ensemble announce more special Uk dates!

Assembling many of the musicians who feature on his current album ‘The Spinning Top’ (Transgressive Records), Graham Coxon has expanded his power trio into The Graham Coxon Power Acoustic Ensemble, and together with guest appearances from fellow exponents of the British folk scene, they will be playing the record in it’s entirety plus some of the songs that inspired it’s creation at this series of special concerts.

For the Manchester (Nov 11) and Edinburgh (Nov 12) shows, the Ensemble will be joined by Robyn Hitchcock plus more guests to be announced.

On Nov 28 at The Barbican show The Graham Coxon Power Acoustic Ensemble will be joined by Robyn Hitchcock, Martin Carthy, Natasha Marsh and Max Eastley plus more guests to be announced. For this date only, the show will also feature projected visuals and films by Chris Hopewell, who is known for his previous work with Radiohead, as well working with Graham on the video for ‘In The Morning’ and the current video for ‘Dead Bees’.

The Graham Coxon power ensemble are: Graham Coxon (vocals, guitar), Graham Fox (drums), Gareth Huw Davies (bass), Lucy Parnell (vocals) and Jen Macro (vocals) plus additional guitars, dilrubas and keyboards.

11th November Manchester, Royal Academy of Music
12th November Edinburgh, Queens Hall
28th November London, Barbican Hall

Live at Islington's Union Chapel on 26th september

Graham played a surprise special guest appearance matching up with Transgressive Records 5th Anniversary on the closing evening of this festival, which also included appearances from Johnny Flynn, Jeremy Warmsley, Mechanical Bride and Dan Michaelson & The Coastguards. Graham (and band) appeared as the penultimate act of the event.

The show got completely sold out.

- Transgressive 5th Anniversary @ Union Chapel
- Doors at 5pm, Saturday 26th September 2009
- Tickets: £14.00 / Age restrictions: 16+ (if younger, must be accompanied by an adult).