Saturday, 15 May 2010

Graham Coxon headlines today English Originals Weekend in Birmingham

Last night I dreamt about this show... I was there in Birmingham, it was dark, cold and foggy hehe don't know why this Tim Burton climate atmosphere... inexplicable dream things, nevermind. I had to leave the city just before the show was about to start so I couldn't attend it but I managed to get into the Town Hall for a few minutes to have a glance before leaving the city. In my dreamland imagination it was a huge and tall ancient bulding with giant letters on its top front that said: TOWN HALL. That clear! Inside there was a big venue with a stage with all the instruments set ready, ambient background music of Graham coming out from the loudspeakers and a big screen with images of his videos, etc. And in the wall a big neon sign saying GRAHAM COXON. This dream seems to be about big and clear signs haha. Well, there was a few people there drinking in a bar, waiting for the show to start. I took some pics and got out.

He's playing today with the power acoustic ensemble at Town Hall in Birmingham. Here's a nice review and interview with him:

Coxon says: ''I think the Birmingham show will be the last one of its kind, a chance for me to give it a go again then say goodbye to the album. It will be mainly acoustic but with some interludes of electric mayhem''.

A goodbye to a great album that becames more intense played live I have to say with little sorrow. No need to say how I'd like to be there, but I'm some miles away and into studying for my final exams.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Graham on Syd Barrett book foreword

May brings to us a new release. This is called A very irregular head, a book on Syd Barrett by Rob Chapman whose foreword has been written by Graham. So if you're looking for some reading, here you have an hint. I haven't read it myself so I can't give my opinion, however Graham recommends it on his twitter by saying "it's a proper yum read".

This writing gift has made me think about a Coxon himself autobiography. I've always thought it would be a nice reading. Alex James did so with Bit of a Blur (a book I'm still into and I hope to have finished soon), although Graham could talk not only about his Blur days, but also his days as solo artist. We know a lot of things about Blur because there's plenty of books talking about it, nevertheless that doesn't happen with Coxon solo career. If only he'd get inspired as a writer taking on this opportunity, maybe a book written by himself on his solo days would have some success.

Sunday, 9 May 2010

Barbican show to be released on DVD

According to trustworthy Graham Coxon Uk forums sources, a DVD of the entire Barbican show from last november is coming out next summer, specifically on july. Apparently, it's going to be released by Transgressive records, which is the current Mr. Coxon label.

Personally, I couldn't be more happy with it, for I attended that show travelling exclusively from Spain to London with a friend. It's a lot special for me, really loved the power acoustic ensemble, that atmosphere created at the Barbican Hall with the music was a special one :) I'm awaiting to find out more details. Stay tuned!