Wednesday, 23 December 2009

No distance left to run DVD pre-order

It's now available at for pre-order, price is 12.98 pounds. It will be released on february 1.

Also in: (18.49 euros)

Monday, 21 December 2009

Japanese release info of "No distance left to run"

On cinemas next 23, 24 and 25 january.

DVD will be released
on 1 february and it will include the following:

Disc 1: No distance left to run
Disc 2: Live at Hyde Park

Hope it will arrive to Spain soon, too...

Thanks to ricca from Graham Coxon's Uk forums.

Thursday, 17 December 2009

NME reveals some of the Blur documentary stuff

This week's issue explains a bit of the content that No distance left to run includes, all taken from an advanced screening watched exclusively by NME.

Blur talk about the reasons that led Graham to leave the band in 2002 during the recording sessions of Think Tank. Damon Albarn explains: "I didn't want to do it, I had Gorillaz - and then he [Coxon] didn't turn up".

Graham Coxon states for his part that he couldn't do it due to going to the rehab centre The Priory to deal with a growing alcohol problem, admitting that drinking "was how I used to protect my feelings".

As it's been officialy announced and also posted in The Kiss of morning, No distance left to run will be next 19 of january on UK cinemas.

Thanks to 2-J for the scan ;)

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Graham is open to Blur suggestions next year

Graham told NME about two weeks ago he's open to suggestions next year... Will that mean a possible Blur re-return? I've opened a new poll! I'm optimistic, and you?

Blur documentary "No distance left to run"

As most of you might already know, 19 january 2010 will see the release of this documentary commemorating band's 20th anniversary. It is expected to be on UK cinemas only.

It was filmed during rehearsals for the summer tour, which marked the first time in nine years Damon Albarn, Alex James, Graham Coxon and Dave Rowntree played all together.

The documentary also features unseen archive footage of the highs and lows of the British band.

You can watch the trailer online on the following sites:

Thursday, 3 December 2009

The Barbican... Stunning gig

I'm finally back home from English lands. My review comes a bit late due to my travelling, nevertheless better late than never. I’m not sure how to start up… I’m looking for the right words to describe it all: amazing or awesome could fit in, though my saying that gig is amazing or awesome is an understatement.

It was definitely a great gig, totally praiseworthy, mainly because of instrument variety, the musicians quality and professionality, the sensibility they put on performing the record and the excellent hall acoustics. Moreover, I’d specially like to remark Graham’s voice. I’ve only saw him twice as solo artist (including this gig), the other was at the Astoria back in 2006, anyway I think in this one it was in a very good state and he did a perfect intonation throughout all the show in his singing. He’s also a guitar ace, so professional and creative like he only could be.

Natasha Marsh’s voice really made my skin crawl and the rest of chorus girls were incredible. Robyn Hitchock was the perfect guitar fellow for Graham. Owen’s presence was both nostalgic and enchanting. I have to recognize the drummer was so good and powerful that enriched the songs to unsuspected levels, as well as the bass, percussions, the dilruba and the rest of the power acoustic ensemble. Its variety of sounds was simply perfect.

Regarding the set, Tripping over was astounding (perhaps one of my favourites live). Also were In the morning, If you want me, Sorrow’s army, November, Feel alright, Brave the storm and… To sum it up, I think there’s no song in the record I dislike after listening all played live in such a way. That’s impossible. All songs from The spinning top sounded magic, improved, renewed, with a great live sound thanks to the different instruments used and the hall’s acoustics as I said before. The encore was so full of nostalgic, perfect for me, just loved to sit there listening to that Coxon's guitar solo acoustic performance with Latte, It ain’t no lie and Baby you’re out of your mind… This last one of my favourite songs ever. I couldn't help having an broad and sincere smile drawn on my face during all the show. Every time I clapped my hands it was such an enthusiastic gesture that truly came up from the deepness of my soul. I mean, you can clap your hands when it is required, to be polite or so, but this time it was not a requirement, Graham really deserved it. I don’t know if I am making sense… Anyway, I enjoyed it so much, was so excited all the time I could say this has been the best and most thrilling gig in a long looong time, and believe me, I‘ve been and usually go to a lot of gigs. I think if Graham had seen my completely prat facial expression during the show he would have laughed a lot hehe.

If I had to mark this show I would put a 9/10. I would repeat it… If he would announce more dates. I just don’t have words… I can only say: Brilliant Graham Coxon power acoustic ensemble.

Cameras weren't allowed in the auditorium, that is neither pictures nor recordings during the performace, despite of this I managed to take as much pics as I could, most of them without flash though still quite acceptable. I recorded some videos but the only one who has got a minimum good sound quality was the Brave the storm one though I didn't filmed the entire song. Enjoy:

The Graham Coxon power acoustic ensemble were:
Graham Coxon - Vocals, guitar
Graham Fox - Drums
Gareth Davies - Bass, strings
Lucy Parnall - Vocals
Jen Clayton - Vocals
Owen Thomas - Bass
Louis Vause - Piano
Ranbir - Dilruba
Bee2 - Percussion
Special Guests:
Robyn Hitchcock - Guitars
Martin Carthy - Acoustic guitar
Natasha Marsh - Vocals
Max Eastley - The arch

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Graham states he has recorded a soundtrack

He has revealed so to NME this week. There's a complete interview with Graham in this week's issue. Here is the new:

By the way...
2 days left for the Barbican!!! :D I'm so excited, despite of the heavy cold I've caught. I hope to enjoy the show and my trip to London anyway.


Sunday, 15 November 2009

Live at Edinburgh Queen's Hall 12/11/09

Here are some pics of The Graham Coxon power acoustic ensemble:

And of course, some videos:

Feel alright

Far from everything

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Live at Manchester last night

Some jewels found at youtube from the Manchester show last night at the Royal Northern College of Music. The Graham Coxon power acoustic ensemble, ladies and gentlemen... enjoy:

Latte + Live line


Babe it ain't no lie

In the morning

Seeing these videos I can only say wow... majestic! I just can't wait any longer for the Barbican show! Last night I dreamt I had already landed at London and was about attending the performance. Yeah, maybe I'm going mad because of this wait :P

Today more Graham live, it's the turn of Edimburgh.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

More Graham on the radio!

Tomorrow at 2 p.m. (english time, in Spain it will be 3 p.m.) Graham will chat with Steve Wright at the BBC radio 2. Don't miss the opportunity to listen him live at the radio show, well... those who can!

Listen it here:

Just a reminder...
Tomorrow november 11th the Graham Coxon power acoustic ensemble will play Manchester. Stay tunned!

Enjoy all and thanks for supporting this blog. Yeah... I've noticed the list of votes has increased lately and also a few comments has been posted ;)

Lots of love xxx

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Graham interview on BBC 6

Huey talks to him about the release of his seventh solo album. Interview is on air today at 02.00 pm at BBC 6 radio, so hurry up if you want to listen! Here:

Saturday, 31 October 2009

Uncut interview

Thanks to Panny from Graham's Uk forums, here is the complete scan of this interview from Uncut magazine october 2009 issue.

By the way... Happy Halloween!

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Mark Lamarr's radio show

Next october 30 Graham will be playing music from The spinning top at BBC 2 Mark Lamarr's show. Stay tuned :)

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Graham's tweets

This week's topic is about a kind of Graham's anti-twitter (does this word exist in english?). I've got the pleasure of finding this:

A twitter supposedly created just for fun. It is mainly focused on analizing Graham's writing style and also the riddles derived from some of his cryptic tweets on his official twitter. Simply hilarious :D

One of my favourite tweets...

tek /tayk/ (verb): a derivative of 'to take.' "behave tonight or i'll tek me slipper off to ya!"

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Mountain of regret

This is one of my favourite Graham songs ever and I'd like to share this video with all of you who read The Kiss of morning, specially the spanish speakers. Isn't it a nice song? Enjoy it!

All my lifetime I've done wrong
Never thinking I belonged
And my problems stay with me
'Cause my thoughts lie with she

She was my girlfriend though I was mean
Always there in my hour of need
I took for granted her gentleness
And have to live without her sweet caress

And as I light me a cigarette
My heart is falling in my breast
And as I lie me down to rest
There's a mountain of regret

I turned my back on her true love
All my friends and the Lord above
And my drinking dragged me down
To the bars in cabbage town

And as I light me a cigarette
My heart is falling in my breast
And as I lie me down to rest
There's a mountain of regret

And as I sit here feeling low
Wondering why she had to go
I know, I see through my disgrace
The perfect beauty of her face

And as I light me a cigarette
My heart is falling in my breast
And as I lie me down to rest
There's a mountain of regret

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Monday, 5 October 2009

French Tour

Today Graham ends up his french tour in Paris. Gigs are as follows:

Toulouse, 2nd Oct - Supporting Pete Doherty, with an acoustic solo slot.

Perpignan, 3rd Oct La casa musicale - Supporting Pete Doherty, with an acoustic solo slot.

Paris, 5th Oct Le Zenith - Supporting Pete Doherty, with full band (Graham, Gareth, Lucy and Jen).

Here are some great videos...

From Perpignan show

Baby you're out of your mind

Sorrow's army

Sunday, 4 October 2009

There will be no more Blur for now

Graham declared in an interview for NME that there will be no more Blur for now.

Graham on MTV Gonzo show last 22nd of September

Talking a little about Blur, The spinning top and its english folky influences.

All right, Graham Folkson!

New single has been released on september 28th

Dead bees is the 3rd single taken from The spinning top.

Double a-side single Brave The Storm/Dead Bees is available to download only when you buy an unique numbered Graham Coxon art print.

You can order at:

New UK live dates this autumn

The Graham Coxon power acoustic ensemble announce more special Uk dates!

Assembling many of the musicians who feature on his current album ‘The Spinning Top’ (Transgressive Records), Graham Coxon has expanded his power trio into The Graham Coxon Power Acoustic Ensemble, and together with guest appearances from fellow exponents of the British folk scene, they will be playing the record in it’s entirety plus some of the songs that inspired it’s creation at this series of special concerts.

For the Manchester (Nov 11) and Edinburgh (Nov 12) shows, the Ensemble will be joined by Robyn Hitchcock plus more guests to be announced.

On Nov 28 at The Barbican show The Graham Coxon Power Acoustic Ensemble will be joined by Robyn Hitchcock, Martin Carthy, Natasha Marsh and Max Eastley plus more guests to be announced. For this date only, the show will also feature projected visuals and films by Chris Hopewell, who is known for his previous work with Radiohead, as well working with Graham on the video for ‘In The Morning’ and the current video for ‘Dead Bees’.

The Graham Coxon power ensemble are: Graham Coxon (vocals, guitar), Graham Fox (drums), Gareth Huw Davies (bass), Lucy Parnell (vocals) and Jen Macro (vocals) plus additional guitars, dilrubas and keyboards.

11th November Manchester, Royal Academy of Music
12th November Edinburgh, Queens Hall
28th November London, Barbican Hall

Live at Islington's Union Chapel on 26th september

Graham played a surprise special guest appearance matching up with Transgressive Records 5th Anniversary on the closing evening of this festival, which also included appearances from Johnny Flynn, Jeremy Warmsley, Mechanical Bride and Dan Michaelson & The Coastguards. Graham (and band) appeared as the penultimate act of the event.

The show got completely sold out.

- Transgressive 5th Anniversary @ Union Chapel
- Doors at 5pm, Saturday 26th September 2009
- Tickets: £14.00 / Age restrictions: 16+ (if younger, must be accompanied by an adult).

Friday, 14 August 2009

More Blur shows outside the UK?

Graham has declared there is a possibility of playing more Blur gigs in the future. "We're talking about doing some more shows abroad... I'm not sure how much I can say about that, but we're definitely talking about it," he told XFM.

After Damon Albarn straight statements to the BBC about the end of Blur when they've just finished their reunion tour this summer, now we are astonished. "I just can't do Blur anymore", he said.

I want to belive Graham's version... And as one of his song goes on: Keep hope alive.

Here you can listen to the full interview (unfontunately only if you're in the UK):

Sunday, 9 August 2009

iTunes Festival, Graham live at the Camden Roundhouse, London 23-07-09

With a full of magic acoustic show at the mythical Camden Roudhouse theatre, Graham has closed by now his promotional tour for The spinning top.


01. Look into the light
02. This house
03. In the morning
04. If you want me
05. Perfect love
06. Brave the storm
07. Dead bees
08. Sorrow's army
09. Caspian sea
10. Home
11. Humble man
12. Feel alright
13. Tripping over
14. November


15. Babe, it ain't no lie (Davy Graham cover)

The evil oysters

I’m opening this blog talking about oysters. Yes, that ones who sent Coxon to the hospital due to poisoning and nearly spoiled Blur’s last show of their summer tour. They were to play at T in the Park festival in Glasgow, on Sunday 12th of july.

Fortunately it was just a scare. Like a super hero, our guitarist left hospital a few hours before the show and in spite of cancellation rumours, he managed to go on stage. I still can’t understand how a person who have just suffered from a heavy stomachache caused by food poisoning is capable to bear a two-hour show without losing heart.

It is not clear whether it was an excess or it was that oysters were in a bad state. The more we know is what he typed on his Twitter: oysters and mackeral at the fishers, lieth. super place!! And then the complainings: oh god that wasn't nice. No it wasn’t nice at all… I’m sure he will never ever taste oysters again. Meanwhile, Blur drummer Dave Rowntree (then I discovered he also has got a Twitter) declared: On the way to the last gig of the tour - and it nearly didn't happen. Yes, but don’t worry Dave! Graham is a super-man.

The funniest thing has been the good sense of humour that you could feel in his official web’s forum, from many fans there. They set the following as a subtitle in it:

Oyster free zone

I think I can figure out Graham’s face when seeing that, if he dares to enter his forum from time to time to check out what’s going on. Fantastic :P

You know.
Be careful with seafood!