Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Mawken trailer

You can watch the trailer of Mawken, the new film by Steve Neberit where Graham is part of the cast:

"I'm a vet, I can't do humans..."

Isn't cute his voice? This really made my day :)

Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Graham to act in a film

After a 10 day holiday break into a British tour through Scotland and North England, I'm back and just got absolutely astounded at the news. It seems Graham is going to explore his acting creative side in a new movie from the "Curio" director Steve Nesbit, called Mawken:

I would never really have expected him to act in a film, mainly because he's always said things like he feels crap acting into stage when performing shows and so on. My mental idea of him is one of a frightened man at being observed, though it's completely contradictory because of his job, which almost all of the time involves being the centre of attention. But here's the prove you should never think never hehe. Really shocked and happy as well, I'm eager to wacht it.

Monday, 26 July 2010

More hints on the new album

Posted by Graham on the official forum last July 22:

"well... here we are in our last two days of recording...fuckin up drums....listenin to betty harris and irma thomas....
this friggin record is a sea of influences as wide rangin as i can muster it seems...its still 22 tracks...
is there such a thing as an LP anymore??
not really huuh? so...a 22 track album would be fine, wouldnt it???

we got the doo-wop , we got the soul, we got the spittin punk and cryin room ballads...we got resentment, romance...fizzin...sonics from 50s to present day...we got dancing, dr. dark's wit, runnin from the devil...addiction and death(as usual) sorrow and regret, psycho kidnap, shards of murder, empty dark cities...packin heat...and.....

hit it!"

Now we're wondering when will it be published... And so does him.

Saturday, 24 July 2010

A curiosity: Louise Wener from Sleeper on Graham

Check out what the lead singer of the band Sleeper tells about Blur members and specially on Graham:

Graham Coxon has asked me to marry him. He is drunk. He asks everyone to marry him. Graham Coxon is great company at the start of the evening, funny and gentle and sharp. But you have to tread carefully when Mr Spectacles is on the sauce; there’s a moment when he tips over to splenetic. He has a tendency to insult people to their face. Strangers. Passers-by. Couples quietly drinking in the hotel bar. He is a harsh critic. It is sometimes uncomfortable.

Read the full article:

Mr. Spectacles she calls him... I like it hehe.
By the way, hot news on the recording of the new album. I'm hoping to post it tomorrow, if I find the time.

Stay tuned x

Monday, 5 July 2010

60 years of the Fender Telecaster

Graham on why he likes Fender Telecaster...

Graham Coxon, Blur

I think my first encounter with a Telecaster was when I had a go on [Blur producer] Stephen Street's, years ago. It looked like a piece of pine with a pretty scratchplate, but it made a really nice sound. I suppose it was the guitar I'd been searching for; I used to draw Teles a lot when I was at school.

It's versatile, simple and strong. You can make it sound old-fashioned and warm, like something you'd have in a doo-wop band, or totally the other way: trebly and trashy. And it's quite difficult to describe, but they have a kind of creak underneath the sound – something you only really get with a Telecaster.

The first one I got was very shiny, butterscotch job: a reissue of one from 1959. I used that throughout the whole of Blur's career. It ended up with a Mr Smiley sticker, and an Air India sticker on it, and a really bad drawing that I did on the back. That was my workhorse, and I've still got it.

It just feels really, really nice: like a BMX, as opposed to a big, heavy bike. The one I use now had been butchered by its previous owner, but the neck was so beautiful, I couldn't resist it. It looked like it had been creosoted, so I call it the Shed.

Sunday, 13 June 2010

Graham's 8th studio album in the oven

Exiting fresh news! Graham has new album recorded with his former band from Happiness in magazines and Love travels at illegal speeds era and it is expected to be released soon... He said preferably by the end of summer, though probably it will be delayed a little as he confirmed he doesn't have any record label right now.

He described the sound on his official forum (hold on tight!):

hi all....havent posted for ages...
hope you're all well.

...i have been up to old/new tricks.

2 weeks in the studio...15 tracks done.

i dont know what to say about the new album...its like a night out... terriffic highs... shit trawling lows ...but overall a machinated bleak apocolyptically sonically broken and fucked experience...i am very excited about it.
again a big room full of toys.... and ispirations from the mid 70s and mid 80s...roughly... i have been trying to play like a robot that has water in its wires...resisiting recording/on air red light tension and playing like a painter...notes not important...its vibe vibe vibe...bum notes accidental noise...with no housework really is i think the closest i have got to the noise in my head...ever.

you may sob,get shit scared and dance to this record...all is possible, all at the same time...

we intend to do a little more...around another 2 weeks then....well, thats it.



well... i'm so close to finishing it now...

what helped...was the two hour burn up on the motorway everymorning on the bike...arriving boggle eyed and to calm down. and straight head long and reckless into recording...i shunned the nerves...the anxiety to plan...and...the result is rough...its easy to hear...tempos fluctuate...and sound flies in from nowhere...and buzzes thru your brain and is gone...
voices thru synths....insane arpeggios...also bombers and submarines lift the soil...fuck ups shivver on the sheets..
that sort of thing....
its a worse place than london.

By his words, it seems it's gonna be such an intense album.

Looking forward for more info!
Stay tuned.