Saturday, 24 July 2010

A curiosity: Louise Wener from Sleeper on Graham

Check out what the lead singer of the band Sleeper tells about Blur members and specially on Graham:

Graham Coxon has asked me to marry him. He is drunk. He asks everyone to marry him. Graham Coxon is great company at the start of the evening, funny and gentle and sharp. But you have to tread carefully when Mr Spectacles is on the sauce; there’s a moment when he tips over to splenetic. He has a tendency to insult people to their face. Strangers. Passers-by. Couples quietly drinking in the hotel bar. He is a harsh critic. It is sometimes uncomfortable.

Read the full article:

Mr. Spectacles she calls him... I like it hehe.
By the way, hot news on the recording of the new album. I'm hoping to post it tomorrow, if I find the time.

Stay tuned x

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