Thursday, 3 December 2009

The Barbican... Stunning gig

I'm finally back home from English lands. My review comes a bit late due to my travelling, nevertheless better late than never. I’m not sure how to start up… I’m looking for the right words to describe it all: amazing or awesome could fit in, though my saying that gig is amazing or awesome is an understatement.

It was definitely a great gig, totally praiseworthy, mainly because of instrument variety, the musicians quality and professionality, the sensibility they put on performing the record and the excellent hall acoustics. Moreover, I’d specially like to remark Graham’s voice. I’ve only saw him twice as solo artist (including this gig), the other was at the Astoria back in 2006, anyway I think in this one it was in a very good state and he did a perfect intonation throughout all the show in his singing. He’s also a guitar ace, so professional and creative like he only could be.

Natasha Marsh’s voice really made my skin crawl and the rest of chorus girls were incredible. Robyn Hitchock was the perfect guitar fellow for Graham. Owen’s presence was both nostalgic and enchanting. I have to recognize the drummer was so good and powerful that enriched the songs to unsuspected levels, as well as the bass, percussions, the dilruba and the rest of the power acoustic ensemble. Its variety of sounds was simply perfect.

Regarding the set, Tripping over was astounding (perhaps one of my favourites live). Also were In the morning, If you want me, Sorrow’s army, November, Feel alright, Brave the storm and… To sum it up, I think there’s no song in the record I dislike after listening all played live in such a way. That’s impossible. All songs from The spinning top sounded magic, improved, renewed, with a great live sound thanks to the different instruments used and the hall’s acoustics as I said before. The encore was so full of nostalgic, perfect for me, just loved to sit there listening to that Coxon's guitar solo acoustic performance with Latte, It ain’t no lie and Baby you’re out of your mind… This last one of my favourite songs ever. I couldn't help having an broad and sincere smile drawn on my face during all the show. Every time I clapped my hands it was such an enthusiastic gesture that truly came up from the deepness of my soul. I mean, you can clap your hands when it is required, to be polite or so, but this time it was not a requirement, Graham really deserved it. I don’t know if I am making sense… Anyway, I enjoyed it so much, was so excited all the time I could say this has been the best and most thrilling gig in a long looong time, and believe me, I‘ve been and usually go to a lot of gigs. I think if Graham had seen my completely prat facial expression during the show he would have laughed a lot hehe.

If I had to mark this show I would put a 9/10. I would repeat it… If he would announce more dates. I just don’t have words… I can only say: Brilliant Graham Coxon power acoustic ensemble.

Cameras weren't allowed in the auditorium, that is neither pictures nor recordings during the performace, despite of this I managed to take as much pics as I could, most of them without flash though still quite acceptable. I recorded some videos but the only one who has got a minimum good sound quality was the Brave the storm one though I didn't filmed the entire song. Enjoy:

The Graham Coxon power acoustic ensemble were:
Graham Coxon - Vocals, guitar
Graham Fox - Drums
Gareth Davies - Bass, strings
Lucy Parnall - Vocals
Jen Clayton - Vocals
Owen Thomas - Bass
Louis Vause - Piano
Ranbir - Dilruba
Bee2 - Percussion
Special Guests:
Robyn Hitchcock - Guitars
Martin Carthy - Acoustic guitar
Natasha Marsh - Vocals
Max Eastley - The arch

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