Friday, 22 January 2010

A touching film

I think that's the right word to summarize No distance left to run, the Blur documentary film. From the beginning to the end. At least for those we love the band. I'm glad I made the effort to go to Barcelona city to watch the film at the cinema, despite of my tiredness that day.

This is a film about friendship, success, the story of a band that emerged from Colchester and reached their dream. It stired me up inside and reminded me how important were Blur for me when I was a teenager (and still are, they will irremediably always be). There were loads of laugh and tender moments throughout the film, specially funny comments from the members of the band.

I think the whole cinema hall got really touched, for when the screen went black at the end of the film, many people bursted into loud applause.

I came back home in a kind of blurry-cloud, a delicious one :) My friend also liked it, though she's not as fan as me. She asked me to put any blur CD in my car on our way home.

I'm impatient for the DVD release, need to watch it again!

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  1. Thanks for the review!

    I'm impatient for the DVD release as well!