Friday, 14 May 2010

Graham on Syd Barrett book foreword

May brings to us a new release. This is called A very irregular head, a book on Syd Barrett by Rob Chapman whose foreword has been written by Graham. So if you're looking for some reading, here you have an hint. I haven't read it myself so I can't give my opinion, however Graham recommends it on his twitter by saying "it's a proper yum read".

This writing gift has made me think about a Coxon himself autobiography. I've always thought it would be a nice reading. Alex James did so with Bit of a Blur (a book I'm still into and I hope to have finished soon), although Graham could talk not only about his Blur days, but also his days as solo artist. We know a lot of things about Blur because there's plenty of books talking about it, nevertheless that doesn't happen with Coxon solo career. If only he'd get inspired as a writer taking on this opportunity, maybe a book written by himself on his solo days would have some success.

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