Saturday, 15 May 2010

Graham Coxon headlines today English Originals Weekend in Birmingham

Last night I dreamt about this show... I was there in Birmingham, it was dark, cold and foggy hehe don't know why this Tim Burton climate atmosphere... inexplicable dream things, nevermind. I had to leave the city just before the show was about to start so I couldn't attend it but I managed to get into the Town Hall for a few minutes to have a glance before leaving the city. In my dreamland imagination it was a huge and tall ancient bulding with giant letters on its top front that said: TOWN HALL. That clear! Inside there was a big venue with a stage with all the instruments set ready, ambient background music of Graham coming out from the loudspeakers and a big screen with images of his videos, etc. And in the wall a big neon sign saying GRAHAM COXON. This dream seems to be about big and clear signs haha. Well, there was a few people there drinking in a bar, waiting for the show to start. I took some pics and got out.

He's playing today with the power acoustic ensemble at Town Hall in Birmingham. Here's a nice review and interview with him:

Coxon says: ''I think the Birmingham show will be the last one of its kind, a chance for me to give it a go again then say goodbye to the album. It will be mainly acoustic but with some interludes of electric mayhem''.

A goodbye to a great album that becames more intense played live I have to say with little sorrow. No need to say how I'd like to be there, but I'm some miles away and into studying for my final exams.

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